The 29th Ordinary Summit of the Assembly of Head of States and Government of the African Union has come to close yesterday 04 July, 2017, during which various statutory organs of the Union met to get status updates and make decisions on issues of importance to the continent. The ACERWC presented its report to the PRC and the Executive Council which highlighted key achievements and major challenges impeding the efficient functioning of the Committee. From this report, it appears that the Committee has undertaken several activities including consideration of State Party reports on the implementation of the Charter, adoption of Africa’s Agenda on Children Rights (Agenda 2040), adoption of the report on the findings of the Continental study on the impact of conflicts and crises on children in Africa, declaration on the theme for the Day of African Child 2018, and consideration of Communications.

The Executive Council urged Member States who haven’t yet ratified the Charter, to expedite their ratification process, and urged to Committee to continuously engage with the eleven (11) State Parties that have not reported to the Committee since they have ratified the Charter.

The theme for the Day of the African Child 2018 was adopted as such: “Leave No Child Behind for Africa’s Development” and the Executive Council REQUESTED Member States to commemorate the Day of the African Child.

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