SN Parties to the Comm. Date Received Comm. No. Date


1 Michelo Hunsungule and others (on behalf of children in northern Uganda) v. The government of Uganda 2005 No. 001/Com/001/2005 Finalised
2 Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa (IHRDA) and Open Society Justice Initiative on behalf of children of Nubian  descent in Kenya  v. The Government of Kenya 20 April 2009 No 002/Com/002/2009 Finalised
3 The Centre for Human Rights (University of Pretoria) and La

Rencontre Africaine pour la Defense Des Droits de l’homme

(Senegal) V. The Government of Senegal

27 July 2012 No 003/Com/001/2012 Finalised
4 Institute for Human Right and Development in Africa V. The Government of Malawi 29 October 2014 No. 004/Com/001/2014 Pending
5 African Centre of Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS) and People’s Legal Aid Centre (PLACE) V. the Government of Republic of Sudan 19 August 2015 No. 005/Com/001/2015 Pending
6 The Institute for Human Right and Development in Africa and Finders Group Initiative on behalf of TFA (a minor) V. The Government of Republic of Cameroon 16 November 2015 No. 006/Com/002/2015 Pending
7 Minority Rights Group International and SOS-Esclaves on behalf of Said Ould Salem and Yarg Ould Salem V. The Republic of Mauritania 15 December 2015 No. 007/Com/003/2015 Pending
8 Dalia Lotfy on behalf Ahmed Bassiouny V. The Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt 31March 2016 No. 008/Com/001/2016 Finalised
9 Dalia Lotfy on behalf Sohaib Emad V. The Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt 31 March 2016 No. 009/Com/002/2016 Finalised
10 Etoungou Nko’o on behalf of Mr and Mrs. Elogo Menye and Rev Daniel Ezo’o Ayo V. the Government of Cameroon. 22 April 2016 No. 010/Com/003/2016 Pending