Article 43 of the ACRWC prescribes that AU Member States must submit their Initial State Party Reports within two years of ratification of the ACRWC and Periodic Reports on the implementation of the ACRWC every three years.

Reporting helps State Parties to comprehensively and periodically review their national legislations and administrative rules, procedures and practices in relation to children’s rights. Reporting is a mechanism in which the commitment expressed through ratification of the ACRWC can be verified whether it is translated into actual practice or improvements in the realization of children’s rights. Moreover, the reporting process gears towards international cooperation and exchange of information.

At the national level, the reporting process presents a platform for national dialogue on children’s rights issues among the stakeholders in a State party and an opportunity for public scrutiny of government policies, thereby encouraging the involvement of various sectors of society in the formulation, evaluation, and review of policies and laws. Hence, the need for the submission of reports is the key for the implementation of the ACRWC at the regional level.

So far, 34 countries out of the 47 that have ratified the Charter have reported to the Committee, out of which 6 have also submitted  their periodic reports on the implementation of the provisions of the African Children’s Charter.

State Parties Reports on the implementation of the African Children’s Charter: