In accordance with Article 45 of the Charter, the Committee may decide to investigate in a State Party where alleged violations of children’s rights have been reported. The Guidelines on the Conduct of Investigations provide the Framework governing the conduct of Investigations.

Recently, the ACERWC conducted an Investigation Mission in Tanzania, following an application to investigate on alleged violations of the rights of children with albinism. The application was introduced on November 2013 by a Non-Governmental Organization, Under The Same Sun (UTSS), drawing Committee’s attention on the alarming conditions of children with albinism subjected to violations of their rights in Tanzania. The Committee considered the application at its 24th Ordinary Session held on 01-06 December, 2014, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Given that the request falls within its mandate and was also in line with the aims of investigation missions as stated in Article 2 of ACERWC’s Investigation Guidelines.

A Report was released after the mission