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On 17 May 2018, the Committee sent an urgent letter of appeal to the Republic of the Sudan. The letter was sent following the worrying news and reports about a death sentence that the Central Criminal Court of Omdurman has pronounced on Ms Noura Hussein. According to reports, Ms Noura Hussein was sentenced to death for killing a man she was forced to marry and who raped her. Reports indicate that once she was forcefully wedded when she was a child, Noura has been raped by her husband who was assisted by family members to restrain her mobility. Noura then allegedly stabbed her husband to death to defend herself when he was trying to rape her again the following day. If indeed the above have taken place, the ACERWC is of the view that Noura should primarily be seen as a victim of the harmful practice of child marriage and rape. In the urgent letter of appeal, the ACERWC therefore urged the Government of the Sudan to ensure the non-execution of the death sentence pronounced against Noura and to ensure that she gets fair retrial that takes in to account all the mitigating circumstances of her case. The Committee further urged the Government to take measures towards ensuring accountability of those who officiated the forced marriage of Noura and the family members of the deceased husband that assisted in her rape. The Committee looks forward to hear from the Government of the Sudan regarding the steps taken towards implementing the above recommendations.

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